Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub by Kimberly Sayer

For those of you keeping track, I gave Kimberly Sayer the “Best of British” Gorgeously Green Beauty Award this year. I’m obsessed with the entire line, but the Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub by Kimberly Sayer is what truly tipped the scales for me.

To be honest, I only exfoliate or scrub my face every other day, so finding a great scrub is really important to me (because I don’t have a lot of time to test run and sample exfoliators). When I’m looking for an exfoliator, I’m looking for a product that is more nourishing than abrasive. There’s a term in the skincare community called “micro-abrasions,” which is a common side effect of ill-formulated scrubs. But there’s no need to fear these tiny scratches with this scrub!! Sure, I want to bid those dead skin cells adieu, but I want to make sure I’m not leaving my skin too roughed up and raw.

Enter the Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub by Kimberly Sayer. The ingredient line-up is perfection: Shea butter, almond meal, jojoba beads, essential oils and organic grains come together to unclog pores, schluff off dead skin cells and deeply nourish the inner layers of skin. Plus, get this: It’s specifically designed to flight the telltale signs of aging: Dull, dry skin and fine lines. It is the PERFECT prep before a serum and moisturizing routine – Say bye-bye to the cellular buildup that stands between you and youthful, glowing skin.

I love this scrub, seriously. It’s at a great price point, it’s effective AND it smells amazing.

So, here’s how I use it: Because I have slightly sensitive skin, I go for an every-other day exfoliation (but normal or oily skin can use it everyday – It’s that gentle). I take a small dollop in my hand and massage into slightly damp skin, focusing on my “problem” areas (chin, nose, forehead). I rinse thoroughly, and go straight into my serum/moisturizing routine.

Source: Sophie Uliano